New beginnings

For the love of life...

The "journal" entries on this page are both a record of my artistic journey, travels and inspiration, but also represent a link between my physical art journals and the digital world. 

I LOVE my art journals. Put me in a stationery shop and my internal compass is set to finding the shelves of these untouched gems, just waiting to be opened. Waiting to become home to the hopes and dreams, secrets and sorrows, of writers and artists everywhere. I use my journals almost every day, sometimes for capturing moments; other times, for reference only. I scribble notes, draw sketches, paint palettes, glue in various bits and pieces. They are diaries of the past, but also house aspirations for the future. Within their pages, you will find out more about me, my thoughts and inspiration. And maybe a bit more besides.

Here's to you, my fans and followers. I hope you enjoy it!